The U.S. economy is the largest in the world. Many of the challenges that our fellow citizens face every day can only be addressed by a growing economy, and Congressman Burgess supports policies like health care and tax reform that encourage economic growth.

Out of control governmental spending is an enormous problem in our country and is the primary cause of our growing federal deficit. Congressman Burgess is a fiscal conservative and fights to restrain discretionary spending. Without a strong Congressional commitment to reining in government spending, future generations will be the ones who get the bill. Congressman Burgess will continue to fight for fiscal restraint and a balanced budget that still addresses the needs of our communities.

Our current tax system is in desperate need of reform. In every session of Congress in which he has served Congressman Burgess has introduced the Freedom Flat Tax Act, a bill which aims to simplify the American tax code and remove the many distortions and perverse incentives inherent in our byzantine tax code.

Small business is the fuel that makes the American economy go. Congressman Burgess is committed to getting the federal government out of the way of the small business owner by reducing the time spent on paperwork, compliance and taxes. The Congressman will fight for the entrepreneurs that stoke the American economy by reducing their regulatory burden.