Over the past decade, immigration has become a crisis for our nation. With over one million immigrants streaming into our country every year, our education, terrorism, healthcare, and prison systems are being heavily burdened by this growing population.

I believe that we must begin to address our immigration problem by gaining control of our borders. A couple of years ago, the House of Representative passed a responsible bill, which will increase the number of border patrol agents along the southern border, as well as enhancing both the physical and virtual walls that are already in place. It is imperative that we as a nation be able to regulate who is coming into our nation and for what purpose. The current border situation is a threat to our nation’s security, and I am committed to addressing this problem.

When discussing immigration we must also look at the policies that our current immigration system now operates by. Congress must take a common sense approach when creating policy that aims at reducing illegal immigration, and we must be willing to place tighter controls on legal immigration. As a nation we cannot afford to implement an amnesty program, and as your Congressman, I will not support any legislation that proposes to do so. I am also a member of the House Immigration Reform Caucus which is made up of like minded Members of Congress that are dedicated to protecting our borders.

With your support I will continue to work towards a no-nonsense approach to our nation’s immigration problems. This work will be a time consuming process, but I am dedicated to bringing this crisis under control.