Before going to Washington D.C. to represent the 26th Congressional District, Congressman Michael Burgess served his neighbors in North Texas as Dr. Michael Burgess. As a physician, Dr. Burgess focused on the wellbeing of his patients; as a U.S. Representative, Congressman Burgess continues in that commitment through sensible healthcare reform aimed at improving affordability and accessibility.

In 2009, Congressman Burgess founded the Congressional Healthcare Caucus and has served as the chairman since its inception. The Caucus’ mission is to serve as an educational resource to Members of Congress and their staff on healthcare issues. As a physician, Congressman Burgess has a unique perspective on healthcare issues and how best to address the many challenges that stand in the way of access and affordability to everyday Americans, and as your Congressman it is his goal to add his voice to your own in shaping healthcare policy.

Healthcare will continue to be a priority to Congressman Burgess in future sessions, just as it is in your own household. When President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law, Congress and the Ameriican people were presented with a massive government intervention in an already complex system, increasing costs, decreasing access, and breeding multiple new layers of government bureaucracy.

Congressman Burgess believes wholeheartedly that the repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the implementation of legislation that will actually reduce healthcare costs, increase patient choice, reform liability laws and ensuring that there are enough doctors to care for our families and neighbors is of utmost importance. We cannot accomplish those goals by inserting the federal government between you and your doctor.