While energy conservation and efficiency gains are a part of a responsible energy policy, our current alternative energy technology does not yet allow us to turn our back on domestic production of traditional energy sources. As a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Congressman Burgess advocates for policies that ensure safe and affordable energy production that keep Americans working.

There are vast reservoirs of domestic energy sources that can power a surge of American economic growth. The United States currently imports almost 60% of its oil, much of it from nations whose actions and goals run contrary to our own. The further development of the oil fields in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Reserve and the Outer Continental Shelf is a critical component of a sound national energy policy. Responsible development of our natural resources, however, requires that we do so in a manner that protects our environment and ecology.

Alternative energy sources will play an integral part of our energy production in the future and the 26th District is on the bleeding edge of that future. Congressman Burgess is proud to represent a district that is home to a company that manufactures solar panels, another that makes wind turbines, a biodiesel plant powered by natural gas from a municipal landfill, and a school district that heats and cools its schools with geothermal power.

We should leave no stone unturned in our quest for energy independence. That is why Congressman Burgess drives a hybrid vehicle, has taken steps to improve the energy efficiency of his own home, and hosts an annual Energy Efficiency and Conservation Summit and Fair. Conservation allows all of us to make an impact on this country’s overall energy consumption. Every little bit counts, from keeping your vehicle tires properly inflated, installing energy efficient lighting, to buying EnergyStar appliances for your home. It’s a win-win… it doesn’t just save energy, it saves money.

Texas’ own Barnett Shale has been an important part of the U.S. moving toward cleaner sources of energy, sourced domestically, and providing jobs and affordable energy production. The Barnett Shale formation also ensured that Texans didn’t suffer from the recent recession to the same extent that many other states and regions did. Congressman Burgess believes in the responsible development of this critical resource, and has worked with state and federal agencies to ensure that air and water quality are monitored.